Almagest: Vol. II, Issue 1

Table of Contents, 2/1 (May 2011)

E. Kolchinsky
History of science in Russia in the 20th century Russia: St. Petersburg as a case study

E. Knobloch
The notion of mathematics – An historico-epistemological approach using Kaspar Schott’s Encyclopedia of all mathematical sciences.

G. Cornelis
Against Chronological and Impersonal Accounts of the History of Science. Towards non-linear didactics.

J.A. Roberts
Louis Agassiz on Scientific Method, Polygenism, and Transmutation: A Reassessment.

M. Vergara
The Popularization of Science and the Idea of Territory in the Brazilian First Republic: the José Veríssimo Phase of the Revista Brasileira (1895-1900).
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