Exploratory workshop of the network for the history of scientific policies in Europe

Sponsored by Hephaestus Project (FP7, RegPot-1, 2008)

During the international conference « La cour et les sciences : naissance des politiques scientifiques dans les cours européennes aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles » held in Versailles 3-5 February 2011, it has been proposed to carry on the research on the theme of scientific policies in Europe. Robert Halleux and Efthymios Nicolaidis took the initiative to organize a European network on that research theme.

The first meeting of the core group of this network will take place in Athens, the 6th and 7th May 2011. As a first step it is proposed to limit the period of the research from the 17th century to the end of the 19th century.
This exploratory workshop aims to:

- discuss the modalities of an international cooperation exploring the history of the scientific policies all over Europe;
- organize the research at a European level;
- discuss and organize comparative studies between European countries;
- explore the possibilities to apply for funding a European research program on the scientific policies of the European nations, 17th-19th c.

The workshop is organized by the History, Philosophy and Didactics of Science and Technology Programme (Institute for Neohellenic Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation in collaboration with the Education Department, University of Athens) and will take place at the NHRF building in Athens.


Elena Ausejo, University of Zaragoza
Michel Blay, SYRTE, CNRS
Chantal Grell, Université de Versailles, Saint-Quentin
Robert Halleux, CHST, Université de Liège
Frank James, Royal Institution of Great Britain
Vincent Jullien, Université de Nantes
Efthymios Nicolaidis, FNRS
Alberto Postigliola, Istituto Universitario Orientale di Napoli
Constantine Skordoulis, University of Athens

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Thu, 05/05/2011 - 18:00 to Sun, 08/05/2011 - 14:00