Almagest: Vol. II, Issue 2

Vincent Jullien
Le calcul logique de Roberval

Vaios Argyrakis
The clepsydra experiment, clepsyda’s functioning and the related devices in Heron’s Pneumatics

Sevtap Kadioglu and Gaye Sahinbas Erginöz
An emigrant scientist in Istanbul University: Richard Martin Edler von Mises (1883-1953)

Piedad Yuste
Ancient Geometry: Thinking about how to measure the circle

Maria Terdimou
Mathematics, Greek trade and technology during the period of the Ottoman rule: three mutually connected sectors

Kostas Tampakis
The iunrecognized mechanism: History of science education in the 19th century

Gianna Katsiampoura
the Byzantine sciences in the first modern Greek history of science textbook: Michael Stephanides, Introduction to the history of natural sciences.

Book reviews
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